Honeywell Zone Types

Recommend reading - Honeywell Security Terms before continuing.

Zone types define how the panel will react to a zone status change (circuit open, circuit short or normal)  and when to react. 

Zone Type 00 = Not used

Zone Type 01 = Entry / Exit #1 – An entry/exit zone is typically a door that the user leaves by or home through. If an entry/exit zone is opened while the system is armed a countdown timer starts whereas the user has to enter a valid code to prevent an alarm.

Zone Type 02 = Entry / Exit #2 – Same as above but can have a different timer value. Typically used when a longer entry/exit time is needed when the door is a garage door or other door and getting too a keypad may take longer.

Zone Type 03 = Perimeter – A zone which triggers an immediate alarm when the system is armed.

Zone Type 04 = Interior Follower – Usually applies to motion sensor although it can be applied to any device with a NC circuit. The main feature of this zone type is, when the alarm system is armed in STAY mode, the zone will not trigger an alarm. This type of zone will also not trip an alarm while the alarm system is in an EXIT count down. These attributes allow the user to arm the system in STAY mode where they will remain in the home, or to disable motions due to large pets and not have an alarm occur.

Zone Type 05 = Day/Night – This type creates a zone that will trigger a trouble event if triggered while the system is not armed and an alarm event when the system is armed. This zone type is ideal for roof, attic, crawlspace hatches or similar areas where the user wants to know if someone opens a door (keypad will beep requiring owners code to silent) when they are home or at a business, but have a burglary event occur when the system is armed. The zone type description is often called “Trouble by day, Alarm by night”.

Zone Type 06 =  24-Hr Silent – This zone can be better described as a Hold-Up zone. It is almost always used for silent police response from a keypad police panic button or hold up button.

Zone Type 07 = 24-Hr Audible – This is zone type 06 with activation of a local siren.

Zone Type 08 = 24-Hr Aux – This is zone type is meant for medical response. When triggered, the local siren will not be heard but the keypad will make noise to get the attention of anyone around a keypad on the same partition.

Zone Type 09 = Fire – The fire zone is used for any smoke or heat device and the fire keypad panic button. When a zone type 09 is triggered the local siren will not be a steady output but will go on and off until silenced at the keypad. Another important attribute of this zone type is only alarm events of this type will trigger a smoke power reset when the system is reset after an alarm event. Smoke power can ONLY be found on zone 1 and through using PIN 17 or 18 as switched grounds. (See “Using 4-Wire Smokes on Vista Panels”)

Zone Type 10 = Interior W/Delay – Usually used for a motion sensor when the user might trip the motion while entering the protected area before they open am Entry/Exit Door. The zone will not activate when the system is armed in STAY mode just like Zone Type 4 and will start an entry delay when tripped just like Zone Type 1 or 2. Usually used in garages whereas the user may trip the motion sensor when opening the garage door on a system where the garage door is not protected with a sensor. A motion configured for this zone type will use the entry and exit delays associated with zone type 1.

Zone Type 12 = Monitor Zone – Rarely used

Zone Type 14 = Carbon Monoxide – Used exclusively for CO detectors

Zone Type 16 = Fire w/Verification – requires two separate short events on the FIRE circuit (which is what an analog smoke or heat does to the circuit) to trigger an alarm.  After the first fire event, the panel will reset smoke power and if the circuit continues to indicate a fire, an alarm will activate. You cannot use zone 1, which means you can only use 4-wire smoke detectors in another zone.  This zone type is rarely used

Zone Type 20, 21, 22 = Usually only used when programming keyfobs – Advanced Programming

Zone Type 23 = No Alarm Response – Advanced Programming

Zone Type 24, 77, 81 – Advanced Programming

Hardwire Types