SSNW Honeywell Vista 20P Training

As a Security Solutions installation technician it your responsibility to install and wire a security system, program for remote access and provide site specific information such as zone usage, zone descriptions and other custom requirements. In cases where system communication is not possible or our support team is not available, you will need to program the system.   

By reviewing the study material and practicing on our training board you will learn step by step how to program any Honeywell Vista 20P system. 
The training material is broken down into levels. Each level has study material and hands-on training. The study material and hands-on component have been created to be small and quick to complete. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read the study material and then go to the training board and practice programming using the hands-on material for that level. Hands on instruction material is available at the training panel.

To help with on site programming, use the SSNW Vista 20P Programming Guide to help you with basic panel programming. Once you have completed the basic programming (by following our guide) you will need to program zones, add additional keypads, add users codes and other custom programming. 
Each new panel comes with a programming guide. This guide when combined with product manuals contain all the information you need to install and program a security system. It is highly recommended you keep a copy of the programming guide manual. Manuals are also available on this site.


Terms and Practices

Zone Types

Hardwire Types

Study Material:

Level 1.1 Basic Hardwired Zones

Level 1.2  Adding Zone Descriptors

Level 1.3 Function Keys

Level 1.4 Multiple Keypads

Level 1.5 Partitions

Level 2.1 Wireless Receivers

Level 2.2 Wireless Sensors

Level 3.1 GSMX4G - 4GLTE Cellular Communicators

Level 3.2 IPGSMV4G Cellular Communicator

Level 4.1 - Programming Key Fobs

Level 5.1 - Zone Expanders

Level 5.2 - Zone Doubling

Level 6.1 - 2 Wire Smoke Detectors

Level 6.2 - 4 Wire Smoke Detectors 

Level 7.1 - Programming System Status LED's

The support files below contain a Vista 20P cheat sheet that you can use for any 20P  installation and the pages you will need for the Training Board.