Fire Alarm

Fundamentals - Selecting and Installing Electrical Boxes - Part 1

Electrical boxes come in many shapes, sizes and materials. In many cases, there are several correct options, each with advantages, disadvantages and costs to consider.  This article will cover the most common boxes used at Security Solutions.

Regardless of which box you select, a key factor when installing an electrical box is to set the box or select a mud ring that matches the planned thickness of the wall material AND set it level. 

Fundamentals: Fire Circuit Pre-Wire Box Trim

During a pre-wire, it is preferred to prep the wires for the final device installation and to wire nut through the circuit. This practice provides several benefits.

First, when you cut the wire to length, strip the jacket and insulation you are leaving the wire ready for the final device installation. When the devices are installed, there is no wire stripping required. There is no scrap wire or jacket to clean up.