Interfacing 5800 ADAEZ PRO and ADAEZ WIM with Existing access control with no AC programming access

Submitted by Todd H on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 03:18

When interfacing a 5800 ADAEZ Pro Door Operator and ADAEZ Wireless Interface Module (WIM) and with no access to the existing access control system there were issues getting the Outdoor ADA push button to work properly. The WIM will not enable the outdoor button unless there is a contact closure on the WIMS "ACCESS CTR" input, "COM" and "IN". The only means of knowing a valid card read had occurred was to install a relay that was energized by a door strike fire and provide a switched dry contact closure to these inputs. This worked fine, sort of.

To unlock the door from an inside ADA button push, I connected a 2 conductor from the ACCESS CTR - COM and OUT terminals on the WIM to parallel the dry contact output of the access control main boards connection to the switching door lock power supply. I could have also used the LOCK -  COM AND NO terminals. Both these relays fire when the WIM wants the door to open and(or) to trigger the access control to unlock the door. Under normal conditions these wires would go to a REX input on the access control system. We did not have access to enable that function, so I ran these wires to trigger the power supply directly. As long as the ACCESS CRT COM and OUT terminals were closed the strike would remain energized. 

The problem is I created a latching circuit.

Once the door lock energized it remain energized. 


Because the ACCESS CTR - COM and IN terminals were closed by the relay powered by the strike (to enable the outdoor ADA button)  and the ACCESS CTR - COM and OUT close as a result and they connect to the door lock power supply trigger, the circuit stays latched. The LOCK - COM and NO terminals follow the same pattern.  


I had to install a altronix 6062 timer relay in place of the dumb relay connected to the ACCESS CTR - COM and IN terminals. I connected the door lock power to both the power and trigger terminals and connected the COM and NC to the ACCESS CTR COM and IN (because the relay is powered down until door lock power is applied the state of the form C relay is reversed as labeled). Configure the 6062 to start timer at the start of the trigger

Now when the door strike power is applied, the 6062 closes the ACCESS CTR - COM and IN terminals. This allows the outdoor ADA button to work, but after the timer time expires, the relay opens, releasing the ACCESS CTR - COM and OUT terminals, thus releasing the door strike power and breaking the latch.

Diagram coming soon

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