Ubiquiti Wifi Antenna signal level LEDS not responsive

Submitted by Todd H on Sat, 10/06/2018 - 15:58

When adjusting the antenna, the signal level LEDS are all ON, rendering them useless for alignment.  Only under extreme antenna movement can you affect a change in LED status.


The signal level that must be reached to have a LED turn on is preset at the factory to low thresholds for installations less than a mile. For the Nano Beam AC, the thresholds are:

LED 0: -94 dbm
LED 1:  -80 dbm
LED 2:  -73 dbm
LED 3:  -65 dbm

Note: LED 0 is the 1st LED, LED1 is the 2nd and so on.

If the radio has a signal level of  least -65 dbm, which is very easy to achieve with radios pointed in the general direction to each other, all LEDs will be on. You will not be able to optimize antenna alignment. Even if you have a working network, a poorly aligned antenna can result in higher transmission levels and stray signals polluting the area.  


Login into the radio, go to the settings page and scroll down. You will see the Thresholds values. Lower the values to suit your needs.



Installed a Nano Beam AC bridge at a distance of 150 feet.

At first I set the levels at -65  -60  -55  -50

I quickly got 3 LEDs on but never 4. I knew I was between 55 and 50. 

I then set the LED thresholds at -75  -55 -53 -51.

These levels worked great. I got 3 LEDs on quickly and only after a few minutes of fine tuning could I get the 4th LED on. 

I left the 1st LED at -75 to help with future trouble shooting. 


On another bridge of similar distance we ended up with -75  -55  -52 -49. The 4th LED was blinking on off.   

I suggest starting with -75  -65 - 55 - 50, then after see which values you fall between, change the settings.