Login issue on NetAXS 123

Submitted by Todd H on Sat, 07/21/2018 - 17:37

When presented the login page you see "Max Attempts Exceeded" and are unable to login


Not sure what the cause is other than bad controller


The manual shows you how to reset all data by turning all dip switches to off, power cycle and wait for the run LED to blink fast, then reset the dip switches and power cycle again. This will delete all data. However if you leave dip switch 6 on and only move the others to off, then only the web login settings will be removed. The password stays intact along with all other settings. 

HOWEVER - In my case this only worked once. The second time I logged in the issue had returned.  


Using a single door controller powered over POE. The solution above was not 100% reliable in my case,  but it did work several times. I think this solution is only a means to access the board so you can export the data. This board was going to be the master controller. We will instead try to use the board as a downstream device and access it via virtual LAN from another controller. 

Update: I was able to use this unit as a discovered controller and it seems to be fine.


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