Smoke detectors will not reset on Honeywell Vista 20P

Submitted by Todd H on Sat, 06/30/2018 - 20:54

Smoke detectors will not reset after fire event or testing.


Smoke detectors latch on a smoke event. Power must be removed for a few seconds to reset the smoke detector.  The Honeywell vista 20P will only reset zone 1 power and only if the fire initiating device is connected to zone 1. If you have 2-wire smokes connected to any zone other than 1, you will need to relocate to zone 1. 

If you have a 4-wire smoke you will need to connect the power wires to the panel using pin 17 trigger (see below)

Even if you power the 4-wire smoke from zone 1 and connect the initiating wires to another zone, the fire event will not appear on zone 1 and the panel will not reset the power on zone 1.



You can power 4 wire smokes using the 12V aux + power and connect the ground to pin 17 on the board. Pin 17 can be programmed to stay high (creating a ground for the power) go low (open) when a fire event occurs on zone 1 you clear the panel (enter user code + 1, repeat if needed.

See *79 and *80 of the Vista 20P Installation and Programming Manual

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