RATH Two-Way Wiring


RATH® Communication recommends the use of shielded 2 pair twisted wire per call box. The use of CAT-6 as illustrated below has been successfully utilized in numerous installations when the wires were installed in continuous EMT conduit which serves as an overall shield to the entire communication system. If you do not use a continuous metal raceway then you must use a shielded 2 pair twisted per call box per manufactures guidelines. 

In locations known to or are suspected of having very strong radio broadcast signals present, it is HIGHLY recommended to use shielded CAT6 w/drain and a continuous metal raceway.  This will protect the signal from RFI  in those transitional sections between raceway and termination. During trim, maintain the shield to within 1 inch of the terminal connections and to skip the use of an RG-11 terminal block. 



Mounting Heights:
Base Station – 60” from floor to center
Call Boxes – 48” from floor to push button

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