Installing SkyBell

The SkyBell video doorbell replaces an existing doorbell button. It draws power from the doorbell transformer (measure voltage before connecting to verify compatibility).

If there is no existing doorbell and you plan to install a power supply you will need to install a resistor. See links below for more information on installing the power supply.

The SkyBell will only work out-of-the-box with a mechanical doorbell. A mechanical doorbell sounds a DING when you push the button and a DONG when you release the button. If the existing doorbell plays a musical chime or ANYTHING other then Ding-Dong, you will need a Digital Doorbell Adapter. SKU:DA021H. Another method to determine if you have a mechanical or digital doorbell is to examine the doorbell. A mechanical doorbell has a striker that hits something and a digital doorbell has a speaker.

Once installed, you will use the customer's phone or tablet to add the SkyBell to an existing Total Connect account or SkyBell account with the SkyBell app installed. Once powered up, the SkyBell will broadcast a WiFi signal and flash red/green to indicate it is in SYNC mode. Place the mobile device on that Wifi signal. Follow the instructions to select the HOME WiFi signal and enter the password.

It is important that SkyBell has a good WiFi signal to operate properly. If to be mounted on brick, stone, metal or concrete-based siding such as Hardie-Plank, verify there is a VERY strong signal available. To test WiFi throughput, lean a phone against the planned mounting surface for 5 minutes then while in place, run a browser speed test.  You want at least 1 Mbps upload speed.  

When using the digital doorbell adapter, you will need to enable the digital doorbell to function from within the SkyBell app.

SkyBell Installation Videos

Power set up and Doorbell Compatibility

Resistor Setup

SkyBell Support Page

Trouble Shooting 

Resetting SkyBell


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