Installing Honeywell 6290 7” touch screen keypad.

 6290 graphic keypads must have an ECP address or either 1, 5 or 6. Address 2 is reserved for Total Connect and 4 is system reserved. 

If adding to a vista 20P make sure to enable AUI under *189, Enter 1 1 1 1.

If adding to a Vista 128/256 you will need to assign the addresses to the keypad under the #93 Menu Mode using the following attributes.

Device Type = 1  - Alpha Keypad
House ID = 0
AUI = Enabled 

To add Total Connect to a 128 you should also configure Device Address 2 using the same attributes.  Even if Total Connect is not going to be used right away, it does not hurt to program the address now which may avoid future issues if added. 


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