Adding Key Fobs to Vista 20P

From with-in Installer Mode
    Press * 58
    Press * to accept default of 0
    Press the D function key (Bottom)
You are now in key fob programming. Select the template you wish to use from page 24 of the Programming Guide. We will use template 2.
    Press 2 *
You will see a summary screen of the loop and zone type assigned by the template.
    Press *
    Press *         If you wish to assign the key fob to another partition make the change here. 

The system will select the first available zone of the available highest 4 consecutive zones. i.e. zone 61,62,63,64
WRITE DOWN ONE OF THESE ZONE NUMBERS you will need it later.
    Press * to accept     
Here you will enter the key fob address.
    Enter address
    Press *
If you have another key fob, Press * to repeat process
Press 0 0 *  to exit Template Mode
Press 0 0 * to exit  Expert Zone Programming Mode.

Now the key fob is programmed in the system but needs to be assigned to a user. The assignment can ONLY take place after the final user code has been programmed and if that user code changes, the key fob must be reassigned to that user.

Assign the key fob to a user:
Exit programming mode. At this point you will need to know the user number slot for the user to receive the key fob and any one of the zones assigned to the key fob during programming (you wrote it down).

The master code is always user slot 02. In this example we will assign the key fob to the master code. 
    Enter Master code - (this must be the final code and not the default or a temporary code)

    Press 8         This tells the system we are configuring a user code parameter.
    Press 0 2     This selects the Master User
    Press # 4    This tells the system we are adding a key fob to that user.

Enter the zone number you wrote down. You should hear a single ding.

The above sequence can be summarized as.
Master Code + 8 + user slot + #4 + zone number.

Test the key fob functions.



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