Adding Z-Wave devices to Lyric

To add a Z-Wave device to any hub is easy if you know 2 things. 

1. How to put the Z-Wave device in to Enrollment or Include mode and,

2. How to place the controller, in this case a Lyric, into Include mode.

  • From the Home Screen, press Automation
  • Scroll down to the bottom and press Tools
  • Press Include Devices
  • Go to the Z-Wave Device and place it into Include or Enrollment mode.
  • When the device is Included you will hear two beeps
  • When all devices are added, press the done button. 


Placing Z-Wave devices into Include mode:

Leviton - Press and hold the up paddle for 7 seconds until the light turns amber, then release and tap up paddle. Light will flash green. 



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