Verizon Cellular Communicator Issue. 3-2022

We have been experiencing some communication failures on certain Verizon communicators. The affected communicators are: LTE-CFV, HWF2V-COM, LTE-IV, LTE-L3V, VISTA-21IPLTE. Not all devices are failing only a select few.


How to determine if your device is affected

Devices that are affected by this anomaly will show the following symptoms:

Locally on the device:

LEDs on the device will flash regularly at a rate of two times per second


On AlarmNet 360:

Devices performed normal check in procedures (QOS) for a period leading up to March 19, 2022.  Beginning on March 19 through March 28, 2022, certain units stopped communicating and reported a communication failure as identified on the chart below. 


Link for How to tell if your LTE is having an issue:


Correction procedures


Devices that are affected by this issue must be corrected by replacing the SIM card.  


If you run into one of these failing units, contact Drew or Bill so we can get the SIM card for the failed unit.